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Hello there people ,I have read the other articels about lillington/leamington.Yes it is all true i live in the crown way area of lillington and yes the **** **** do hang around at ”crownie” in a number of gangs also ageing from 10 to 19 and so on.
they do also congrigate in the holt park i know this because i walk my dog there befor it gets dark and the basket ball courts last but not last the ”youthy”
You can also find them up burberry close”im not joking there is actuali a burberry close”
But if you take a nice long walk down to the town ”Royal Leamington Spa”
on your way you must be careful if you walk down black lane,about a year and a half ago the was some nice graffiti down there done by the lovely ‘Lillington crew”sayin Lillington this way> and also Lillington crew , and the list just goes on i would sit here and list all ov the graffiti down black lane but i am not that sad!lol
Any way back to our journey to leamington spa after walking down Campion hills you come to a area caled Kennedy square so just be careful of the ***** that hang around here
When you get to the town center you will be stampeded by the ***** known to my knowlage as
”The Leamington mafia”or”Leamington Crew’
you will find these ***** around the town , ”maccy dz”,the priors,
But they mainly hang around in the bandstand in groups of 20-30
binge drinking.
But apart from that Leamington is a verry nice town with a wide selection ov pubs , nite clubs but these are all places for the older *****!
I am going 2 leave it at that i will try to keep posting infomation about the area

Thank you for your time by reading this

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