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  • vioceoftheemo

    lil cru suck they hate people for threr clothes and hair wat fag`s the other week a group of chav`s threw abottle of voka at me and shouted "emo!!!" how gay do you have to be to abuse someone you dont know its gay i tell youlil LIL CRU SUCK

  • babe-with-brains

    different crews are always after eachother trying to get into a fight, sometime some crews pull together against other crews. Like for example at the mop fair, all the leamington crews were together (lillington massacre) and the warwick crews were togheter (warwick massacre) and they fighted. Crews will always be around everywhere. Everyone always say chavs are the worst but others like goths, emos etc are just as bad, drinking, smoking, causing chaus etc.