What can be said of a town so dank that it has ***** of all shapes, colour and sizes. Its like that rainbow programme but instead of the colourful, george, zippy and bungle, you just get scruffs, wearing trackies of all colours with their pom d’esprit – the cursed white trainer.

Walk down Leytonstone High Street, you will see ***** ******* outside Dixy Chicken, complaining about how expensive the meal deals are. (they cost 99p). It must be difficult for them as they have spent their dole money on crack. And old ladies know better than to hang around the high street and get mugged.

Walk further down the high street and you get to new look and mothercare. Something funny about those shops being next to each other. You get the 12 year old ***** making a fuss about the cheapo clothes that they wanna shoplift for the date their going on later that night. Give it two years they’ll be shoplifting next door, when they’ve been banged up ‘by my man’. Shouldve shoplifted some johnies.

I hate this place and i did the sensible thing and got out. Im live very close to the angel of the north, and see it most days and it makes me smile, because i know i am a few hundred miles away from that hellhole leytonstone. Having said that a few hundred miles cannot make me forget that cespitt of ****.

Get out whilst you have the opportunity

Top 10 worst places to live in England 2020


East London

Well it once used to be a quiet place to live and shop.there is no reminance of the quietness now the **** has taken over!!!!!!!! everywhere you go there is a ‘possi’ of ***** with their crowns ‘da burberry caps’. the only difference is that they probably are real! as their mummys and daddys prob have a good job and live in the affluent upper leytonstone. the ***** of this poor town find nothing better to do then rob kids under five the little bastards. I’ll give of em a knuckle sandwich one day. all the girls have their lacoste tracksuits and gucci or luis vuiton handbags on a gd day and have the classic **** facelift. on a friday nite the **** hotspot is oneils at green man while in the week its the station monument or the bus station not forgetting all of Fairlop rd and round Cann hall. on a saturday night you will see the ***** all queing in the cold with no jackets on getting ready to get the 66 to another **** hotspot ROMFORD to go clubbing!!!!!!!!!!

why dont they do all of Leytonstones people a favour and **** off permanantly to romford or even better get the 145 to the cahviest place of all London DAGENHAM

Burn in hell and **** off you tosspots


Top 10 worst places to live in England 2020