Leytonstone prides itself on the large number of fried chicken shops

Living in Leytonstone
Living in Leytonstone

Leytonstone is an area with an eclectic mix of people, an area speared through the heart by not only the motorway/A road running through it but also by the divide of South and Upper Leytonstone.

15 years I have survived here and it is not without its attractions, not just one of the greenest boroughs in London but the local beauty spot of Hollow Ponds is a friendly area for dogging, cruising, dumping bodies and other nefarious night time activity.

We pride ourselves on a large number of fried chicken shops that assist the local populace in heart disease and obesity, the few other shops aren’t too bad, although there has been a recent war between the 2 most popular high street stores of pound land and the 99p store, the latter has now said it’s goodbyes to Leytonstone, which is sad as it always had a fragrance of dirty socks that will be hard to replace.

How grim is your Postcode?

Alas the tides of change are washing over Leytonstone and I’m hard pressed to say whether I fear the historic settlements of rude boys in the south (there are numerous gangs in the area despite them all sharing a postcode!), or the new influx of bearded hipsters drinking craft beers and opening organic bakeries more (the gentrification apocalypse is nigh).

We have friendly local alcoholics and our fair share of mental health hostels to keep the area fresh, we even recently had a suspected terrorist attack but it turned out to just be one of the many locals with psychiatric problems (very possibly caused by super strength skunk that is easily purchased on most Street corners).

All in all it could be worse, as it is flanked on all sides by areas that all locals know to be far worse.

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