LancashireNorth West

A wonderful place but yet still has a few chav invested areas (they are a bit like ants aren’t they).

We have several areas for the chav massive to hang out, In no particular order.

(1) Wade Hall – This is basically where the chav’s in Leyland breed, if you dare walk through this place during any part of the day you are guaranteed some random drugged or drunk chav talking to you, well I say talking but 9 times out of 10 they want to mug you, a wonderful area I used to go to school in the centre of this breeding ground – I’m surprised I actually got out alive and through education!. – Dare you ever go to the shops based in the epicentre of this hell hole – this is where the ‘elite chav’ hangs, the usually have some random weapon, more often than not a gun.

(2) Robin Hey – Well the name is self explanatory (almost) “been robin’ “hey?” – I think this place is where a lot of dealers reside; you can normally guarantee there are chav’s hanging around this area late on in the evening after they have had their fix.

(3) Tesco – Another chav area, here you can generally catch chav and chavette’s meeting up and deciding who and what to do in next.

(4) McDonald’s – No town is complete without a “Chav McDonald’s area”. This is where you can catch the more upper class ‘chav’ – if there is such a thing. You will generally catch them in their silly low budget / insurance motor vehicles with sound systems louder than a nightclub – because you REALLY DO need audio that loud to hear it….

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