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Well, what can I say about the wannabe hardnuts of **** of letchworth garden city…..Well walking past the numb skulls if you just look (as if you want to) they would opened their spooned bad mouth and roar,”so what the **** are you looking at” or ”dont look at what you cant afford”…I mean you need to look where your going you dont want to knock into a bashed in baboon looking dicks.
What the hell is it with their bling bling **** are they trying to take over royalty or something,maybe the skinny crab stick **** girls where soo much to convince themselves that they are fat as a pregnant elephant because everytime they step on to the scales it reads a high weight just to ask ”people am i fat mush” or ” oh **** bruv I need to loose some weight init”.Man theres these corner ***** that all stand like patient prozzy trying to pay their way in the rude sort of way,they stand around all like bloody waste of stone status and shout their annoying gobs off to anyone who walks passes em.They walk infront of cars (if they get knocked over then it serves them right to thing they are terminators
They make me sick just walking past them smelling their sweat mixed with their cheap aftershave on their reebock **** that loos very cheapy looking indeed.
Its not the low life corner ***** that isnt my cup of tea..its the shops aswell they are all packed with nothing but trendy clothes (***** delight)its annoying but atleast you know that you’d be sure to smell a ***** privates from the less washes they have been having…Well i dont mind going to camden to shop cos the ***** have no chance to take over.
Oh yes and if you have ever vistited letchworth you would know theres villiage shaggers who spend their time asking for shags you would mostly find em late at night in the town wearing belts for skirts and smelling of old grannys.Its like would you please cover yourself up not everybody wants to see what you have got,Some of them probs have sti’s from the amount of boys/men they have been opening their dirty legs to….they are the bitchest people you could ever met or know.Well thats about it from letchworth im ganna stop before im violenty sick someone please pass me the bucket.

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