North West

Where do I begin??

Leigh: the armpit of the northwest. The bedpan of the nation. roll up, roll up, see the whordes of **** bastards who roam the streets like a plague of filthy ******. Oops, did I say ‘like’?

I hate *****, obviously. The town I live in is about 20 mins away from bolton, and the same from manchester. Technically it’s in Wigan. What does all that mean? Well, it means Streetwise Sports is considered in the upmarket economy bracket.

They’re called ‘scallies’ around here, although that doesn’t lessen their blow. Every day I gotta walk though Leigh Town Centre, from the college bus.ecause I walk home from the bus from “Leigh Town Centre”, is, in essence, a street which starts at Iceland and ends at Mcdonalds. Or, indeed, Maccy D’z. Outside of ‘Maccy’s’ is the local scally ledge and bench, where the congregation of little rat-***** who swathe themselve in trackies and shell suits like to hang out.

However, it has to be said that a lot of them hang about the actual bus station. Why? I have no idea. They don’t have anywhere to go, or any friends to see, ‘unless they have a metrolink to prison.

I was gonna write an indepth and critical review of the social class of Leigh, but then realised it was pointless, as there are only two classes.
1. me
2. **** ****.


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