leigh , near wigan

Greater ManchesterNorth West

Well i’ve never been so scared in all my life, to say being a visitor in this town from Yorkshire to watch the rugby and feel threatoned would be an undestatement. Stones being thrown by children at OAP’s, 14 year old chavettes with 3 kids running a mock near the town centre, went to a pub called ” the leigh arms ” JESUS CHRIST, a thousand chavs (under 15) drinking stella , i had my 7 year old daughter with me , a pint glass missed her head by an inch as we got caught in the cross fire of an argument over a cigerette lighter, as we left riot vans were streaming past us…. for the fight in the pub we think. Perhaps not only a good 150 mass brawl in the bus station ( 150 a bit exagerative) bricks flyin left right and centre as onlookers alike joined in. We decided not to walk to the stadium ( in the middle of the scruffiest estate ever ) and to get a taxi from avacab … AVACRASH more like , our taxi driver was border line 16 and driving a PINK cab yes PINK chavette style, nevertheless we proceded into the taxi and got to the ground safely. Thank god we got there OK. Only to be approached by two drunken chavs outside the ground asking for 10 pence to use a pay phone we ignored their question, BIG MISTAKE, glass bottles and coins were thrown at us ( they needed 10 pence for the phone yet threw 67p at us ) are these remedials for real? as we entered the ground the smell ov cannabis overcame me i could possibly say i watched the game ” stoned ” and my daughter was giggling she must of been ” wrecked ” as they say. needless to say the safety stewards were turning a blind eye. not a police officer in site as the foul mouthed leigh crowd started on the referee and opposing players yet more objects thrown on the pitch and at players by more than a ” few ” . half time arrived and i was pleasntly surprised not to get mugged as i went to the beautiful toilet facilities and had to stand next to a cigerette wielding 8 year old with his hands down his trackies . Why ?. After the game finished thank god the coaches are parked just outside the ground. we got on and was met by a barrage of abuse, swear words and more objects being thrown. To say its grim up north is fine but Leigh has to be the worst place i’ve ever visited in my life, it was the first and will certainly be the last time i visit this disgraceful town. You should be ahsamed of yourselves thank god i live in halifax and not lively leigh GOD HELO THE CIVILISED LOCALS. Not that we met many . LEIGH IS A S**T HOLE !

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