leiceter town center

East MidlandsLeicestershire

Leicester town center is a dump, you go into town ( which is were i will be going today) you will see an array of different chavz.
you’ve got your ;

baby **** – young girl (13yrs) walking round following the older girls trying to look ‘cool’. wearing 10tone of make up and almost as much ‘bling’.

older girl – usually dunk slobbering on a male **** asking for a ‘shag’ whilst throwing the odd dirty look over at any one who happens to come within a meter of him.

pregnant ****- downing stella or any beer she can get her hands on, crying about the dad leving her, but at least she could get a flat!!still dressed in a micro skirt and boob tube at 7months pregnant!

boy chavz – usualy stealing some thing from a shop like a pack of plasters from superdrug, just to look ‘hard’ in front of his friends. commonly wearing a cap and hood with massive grey or white track suit bottoms!!

this is what i and the rest of Leicester every day!
i am sick of it. most of the people are the same age or just a bit older than me, so i always contrast my life to theirs. they can go out until midnight or later i have to be in by about 8. they can leep over any ones house with out asking, im not even alound round my boyfriend of 9 months!! it is shocking the way they go about there life. WHAT MUST THE PARENTS BE LIKE??? i will right a new report later of what happened in town. if i don’t i may have been stabbed for looking at one of them funny!!

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