East MidlandsLeicestershire

Town centre of Leicester, hang outs include maccy ds, iceland, pound shops and Argos. Leicester is home to the scummiest ch4vs around, as well as hundreds of druggie ch4vs that shop lift every day. The clock tower in the town centre is a haven for them and the latest accessory for any up and coming 14 year old, a baby ch4v! Go in Maccy D’s and you’ll see them sitting sharing one burger staring people out and shoutin ‘You gotta problem’? I have noticed that they feel the need to describe their seedy sex lives at the top of there voices and use terminology such as ‘minge, muff diving, skoll bangin and giving it to her!

I walked in their the other day with my 8 year old where a c******e wearing the typical dress code (Skirt that looks like a belt with fake tan stains, whit crop top and black bra combo, and one of those stupid caps with a long fake hair piece sticking out of it not to mention a load of 9 carat gold form argos) She was talking at the top of her voice about ‘Sh@gging her boyfriend in his car’ (no doubt a Corsa) She declared ‘I told him if you wanna sh@g me again clean your f*ckin ring piece you dirty b@stard’ Oh the horror!!!! Ice land is mecca to the older c***s who live together in a council house and have a range of kids belonging to five of her exs whilst they stock up on lambrini, stella and fags the kids get told ‘I aint got no fukin money for sweets stop your f*kin whining’ they then get more booze!

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