Leicester – well done you there !

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Sorry don’t know Leicester – but saw a news story about two pubs in the town who “have teamed up with police to compile a list of clothing they believe are worn by groups of youths and football hooligans”
Guess what’s on the list ? !!!

“Stone Island, Aquascutum, Henri Lloyd and Burberry”.

What I think is so bloody fantastic about this story is the reaction from Burberry:

A Burberry spokeswoman said: “It’s a very aspirational, cross-generational, cross gender brand and with regard to the Leicester issue, it’s clearly a localised issue and to be honest it’s actually quite insignificant in the face of the brand’s global appeal.”

So there you are then – it’s official – Burberry clad twats are aspirational and it’s only in LEICESTER that they deserve to be torched ( sorry I mean stopped from going in two pubs )

Anyone in Leicester got anything to say on this ?

Link to story – http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/leicestershire/3583900.stm

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