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Beaumont Leys. Great place to shop if you hate going into the city to Highcross. Got Tesco, Argos, Wilkinson, Superdrug, New Look, Costa Coffee, Blockbuster to name a few. What I’d like to know is why did they decided to situate this place in such a s******e?

You go up fairly early, 9.30 am. Chavs are already lingering outside McDonalds playing the tacky rave/rap stuff they call “music”. You get funny looks while constantly hearing the words “Stink!” or “That’s so dro!” shouted out. You see them hanging around the market buying anything they possibly can – normally fag lighters and then trying to nick a couple of jewellery items, causing trouble. They all seem to be attracted to Sally’s Hair & Beauty although its pretty obvious they won’t buy it from there, they’ll go to Wilkinson or Poundland to get a cheaper equivalent.
Its pretty obvious to pick them out in Tesco. They’ll be there with the over done make-up, hoddies, tracksuits, smelling of fags and alcohol talking like this:
“That’s well sick innit blad!”

You are just an innocent shopper and you are surrounded by these lot.
So what do you decide to do? Carry on regardless – ignoring them. While you shop they crawl in front of you with their ridiculous hats and trousers half-way down their legs in their group looking around to see what they can possibly take. You eventually get the shopping done, you get to the till and they are there throwing abuse at the people on the till;
“I ain’t took nothing mate. Don’t come near me or I’ll knock you out!”
Instead of a 5-10 minutes wait it turns out to be more like half an hour. Eventually, you get out and you take the route behind the Leicester Leys centre to get home. You go past the Football club and you get to the crossing. Chavs are there in the car park, snooping around the cars, vandalising the benches with “Laydeh Ecstacy nd Miss Kaiileh bma 4eva safe” and s**t. Carry on home!

Just some advice, don’t go to Astill Lodge. BIG MISTAKE. Expect trouble.
Don’t go to the park either, its in the middle of nowhere and just outside the Astill Lodge area. Say you younger people, you are a normal, innocent person just there with a friend or friends and you head back to the shopping centre, don’t look at any of the chavs because they’ll come up to you and start a fight. Expect to be slapped. They think they own the place and they treat you like dirt, its not safe. Nearer the shopping complex, areas like Blue Gates Road and surrounding areas are pretty dangerous, have your wits about you. If you can, avoid going down there. Not everyone there is bad but its has a bad reputation. Also, never advertise where you are from (LE3, LE7 etc.). Its all competition of the chav zones.
So yes, Beaumont Leys isn’t all it cracks up to be. Certainly a chav centre in Leicester. Beware!

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