Leicester is ******** with these deformed mutant *****! they hang around the clock tower in the City centre and you see um strutting around our indoor shoping centres as if they are on a mission or they are some how important? they walk like John Travolta in Grease with the *****! whats that all about? they always seem to be in gangs of four or more, because being a lone **** could result in a good kick in and show the town how hard or not hard as the case may be that they are, then you see the coupled ***** pushing baby in push chair that is not fatherd by the male **** of the couple usualy! the couple will normaly be seen to shout at each other as if it was a compulsory part of the relationship, the more crowded the area and the louder the shouting the better! or so it seems to them, the shouting is usually (If you can interpret it) about **** or the can of lager the male or female is holding at the time!

The gangs usualy spend most of their time trying to look hard unsuccessfully and eyeing up women way out of their age range (older or younger) very unsuccessfuly!
That sums up Leicester ***** realy…..sad isent it!

Cheers, Ingy.

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