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This has to be the most god awful place I have ever been. I stopped there out of sheer desperation as I had been on the motorway all day, and I regreted it as soon as I had stopped the car. The car park at the services area was literally heaving with Chavs, and not just your run of the mill Chavs, but the really dense ( thick as s**t in a bottle ) variety. The place reaked of cheap perfume/aftershave difficult to tell which was which to be honest, and there was so much burberry on display that the place looked like a bloody optical illusion!
Anyway after staring for a while ( I never could do those magic eye things ) I ventured towards the ubiquitous McDonalds which does its job frankly it feeds you quickly, however it also seems to be the perfect habitat for Chavs! They hang round at the entrance ( which is ironic as you normally associate s**t with exits ) and smoke their fags and drink their cheap Jaguar/Super lager/ White Diamond whilst shouting abuse at each othert and anyone else for that matter!
Once inside you often find 6 or 7 chavs sharing a happy meal and fighting over the toy, whilst the rest of the Chavs adjust their f*****g baseball caps and tuck their p***y tracksuits into their p***y socks and constantly look around like a bunch of f*****g Meercats! . And what the f**k is it with those things anyway? I really dont get it? they dont even have the sense to wear them properly anyway! the f*****g peaks pointing skywards they look so f*****g stupid. Whats more, as a normal person if you ever do want to wear a cap you feel you cant incase people think you are one of the scum.
Can anyone explain to me why anyone, anyone at all would see a Chav and think, Hmm that looks cool, I think i’ll pop down to JJB Sports and Chav myself up! Why do people keep dressing like that? Instant lack of credability, thats what looking Chavvy does for you.
Meanwhile back inside McDonalds kids named Courtney, Chantelle, Chealsey, Wayne, Mercedes, and Hillfiger ( not kidding ), are being fed their staple diet of chicken McNuggets and Milkshakes, sad, genuinely sad. The poor kids, thats who I really feel sorry for as they have no option in whether or not to look like one of these Chav scumbags.

I know this article is a major generalistion, but I have never, ever met a pleasant, helpfull or even decent Chav except for the female variety, once they are away from the crowd most of them revert to normal. It always strikes me as sad, that these people are totally wasted, not only that but they are a drain on resources which compounds the waste. Each of these Chavvy f*****s could not only pay their way, but contribute to the country like the rest of the hard working citizens of the UK!

Chav as a lifestyle should be outlawed, they do no one any good (except JJB Sports) And they make town centres places to be avoided. The really indoctrinated Chavs would obviously have to be euthanised I cant see any other way. In closing they are filth, the male Chav is typically an evil snearing peice of s**t who would rob his own family blind and possibly sell his many offspring for organs/body parts if he could get away with it. The females I always feel sorry for, I always get the idea that a lot of them only engage in Chaving because there is nothing else for them, and that they are merely swept along with the whole thing, and given the chance a lot of them could be normalised ( but I am probably totally wrong )

Death to Chavs, thats what I say.

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