Leek… Don’t go near it!!!

I lived in leek for most of my life and I have been saving up to move out for a number of years and recently moved out of the s*** hole. The number of ***** there is starting to get ridiculous now, there are loads of youths moving into leek from very bad parts of the country such as Aston, Handsworth, Toxteth and Brixton to name a few and all live in Haregate – leeks massive council estate, and although Haregate is the main s*** hole in Leek, most parts of leek have streets of council houses where you can easily get your fix of weed, monkey dust or cocaine but make sure you wear a stab proof vest when going to these drug dealers! They are dangerous. Make sure you don’t stay out too late or else some drunk guy will start a fight – exactly what happened to me. Make sure you lock your house, car, shed and garage because these local c**** will take anything. They will rob you for 20p.

As soon as it gets dark, the boy racers come out in their VW polos and corsas with their 14 year old girlfriends in the passenger seat, with the smell of cannabis very strong in the air. Oh and remember, do NOT make eye contact with anyone. It seems to be a sign that you are “dissin'” and they will “‘ave” you. But if you do be unfortunate enough to have to drive through leek, make sure you drive through in an armoured vehicle (a tank preferably) which should be safe from the petrol bombs and car battery bombs which may be thrown (this is common in leek, particularly in haregate).

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