Leeds. My god, where to start?

Living in Leeds, Yorkshire

My god, where to start?

Leeds, as I’m sure everyone is aware; is a city in West Yorkshire with a population of roughly a million, making it the third largest city in the UK. It’s worth noting that ******** make up a significant portion of the Leeds and outlying towns’ population so I am unsure whether cattle like that can count toward the head count. During the daytime Leeds sports insufferable students and just general ***** making themselves as loud as possible (and typically in the students cases, bright as possible, like a hipster peacock of sorts), during the day Leeds is notable for having **** all to do on a day out except to stare at gray buildings and the herds of bellends that roam freely in this urban jungle.

However by night, things take a notable turn for the worst. When the lights go down and the daily smog disperses leeds really shines, and by shines I mean in comparison to war torn Iraq, by human habitation standards it falls rather flat, the herds of ***** are joined by flocks of ***** and some of the worst places you could ever have the misfortune to visit open their doors at this time, the worst being the den of iniquity that is the Cockpit, this hovel plays host to the real human sewage of the city and showers are advised after walking withing a meter of the accursed place, if you happen to enter; you’re already dead, so don’t infect the rest of us. When the sun begins to rise again, the cycle repeats day in and day out, so welcome to Leeds! All the free pollution you can breathe! Free!

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