Lee-On-The-Solent, as it’s known by the egotistical posh people

Lee-On-Solent. Lee-On-The-Solent. Lee.

Whatever you decide to call it, Lee-On-The-Solent is that lovely little area that seems to have way too many roads for its size, situated a little bit away from Gosport.

For those who study demographics, Lee-On-Solent is very interesting. There are three types of people:

  1. Old, posh, self centered God-Botherers who don’t give two pops about anyone else in the area who is under 65 years old.
  2. Forces People. Also generally quite self-centered, but typically not as religious and usually under 65 years old.
  3. Children. Wait- spoilt children. Basically, teenagers who ‘hang out’ at the only decent skatepark in the whole of the South coast or spoilt children who don’t know how to speak without uttering one swear word.

I mean, you get the occasional decent person, but they’re normally people who just don’t like Lee, and, quite frankly, just don’t fit in.

In terms of the area, there isn’t a whole lot. Take the seafront- on one side is a skatepark (see ”Type of Person” #3), a huge car park which is filled by people that go running in the freezing cold, and a parking meter. On the other side you will find a retirement flat, a retirement flat, a retirement flat, and maybe a shop. Followed by a few more retirement flats, and just to top it off, a corner into a road full of retirement flats.

Go down the ‘main road’ a little bit, and you come to the only decent shop in town, also known as the Petrol Station. Or the shop, for the Forces people. Or…you get the idea.

The main point here is that there is literally nothing to do in Lee-On-Solent. Unless you want to go to Subway, Tesco Express or the newsagents which isn’t really a newsagents. Or if you’re looking for a retirement flat.

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