South EastSurrey

Seriously.. Compared to alot of ***** these take the complete biscuit of Chavtastic, greasy free living.. Maybe becuase there has to be a Ying and Yang in the world, and Ying being Metallers,Grungers,Skaters, (no Emos thankfully) and a few Gothic’s and the Yang being .

There is actaully no black people in leatherhead.. (From what i’ve seen) so i wish to know were they get the idea that Black people’s Lingo is the new “Safe innit brover”. I mean hell! These ***** aern’t even tough, all they do is pick some random rude words and put them together!
For egsample= “***** ****” “Smoof”

I dont remeber the rest of them becuase frankly all i hear a Rude boy say is “Raa raa, Innit, raa, Grunger, Raa, *****, what? Raa raa, What?”
Seriously, I must help the world realize that the most stupiest and the most Weakest ***** live here.. Its over run! They hang about the One stop calling you somthing, then the next day they’ll ask you to buy “Liuggins” For them.

If you got all the IQ’s of the of “Cleeve Road” (Council estate, Home of the ****’s) and averaged them up you’d probly not even reach anything over 15.

Being in a school named “Therfeild” which has some amazing results for people passing with above average and leaving with mostly A’s (Dunno how the hell we managed that!). And with the school litteraly 1 minuite away from Cleeve Road.. You really get used to dealing with such Easy ****. You could smack one in the face or let them hit you and Sue them for ether GBH or ABH and ruin there Crack dealing family for practicly everything the’ve got…

I feel sorry for the youth club too… its a popular hot spot for these bastards. I mean thats the one place they really can go show off there plastic cold chains brought from Argos.. (10 minuites away from cleeve road) for about 5 notes you can buy around 5 rings.

I didnt mention half of them all are Scag heads… Poor poor sods… Oh well, i cant wait till i get into another fight down here… Just means more money for me 😀

Seriously though, ever read about Uk’s worst Highstreet??? or even seen it on Tv?? Its this place yes… all becuase of these Chavtastic snot bags, Plotting to put blubble bath stuff in the 4k fountian they were going to make…… Well… Someone was going to do it one time or another.. heh..

Type Of ****= Poor, Stupiest and easy Prey.
IQ=… 000000000000.1
Numbers= Around 90
Clothes= Bare Minium cost of Nike wear. Some Higher brand, Mostly beacuse of Epsom.
Lingo= Mixed
Main Hang Outs= One Stop, Park + youth club and Cycle Path.
Course of action reconmended= Broken noses all around. Maye a few legs but then they wont come back..

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