Leamington Spa :: Lets revolt

WarwickshireWest Midlands

All over – growing in leamington – bottom of town – the pump rooms, middle of town

Hate them – so much with a passion I’m sick of it all… fed up with their blinging ****, their ability to think they rule the streets – the way they think they reckon the country will be ruled by them.

I’m from newcastle and moved down here 8 years ago – its a culture shock, yet, the ****** **** have moved in – so do we as a nation sit back and let them take over ? or do we fight back as a team. You really have to worry about the future of the country, with ***** in parliment – and in industry – scrawling “C-h-a-v” into their office desks.

What can we do ? well, personally, gasing the twats is far to much of an easy option – but effective. Not so long ago, I had 5 ***** pressing my intercom system on a sunday evening – fun you might think, however, little did they know I could hear every word they said – which basically included **** #1 telling **** #2 he could have him and his girl (not at the same time, or in the similar way)

Lets defeat this fad before it becomes more of a problem – Warwickshire police do nowt about it – there was a local article about how 20 people had been attacked lately by people – aka ***** looking at their nuckles. yet, you go into town on a friday night – and the same place is swamming with ***** with no police being proactive.

We need togetherness – we need blair to crack down on this sadly dominant fad – and lets hope its a fad

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