Late night at the bar at Telford…

ShropshireWest Midlands

I live near telford and me and my dad sometimes go out for a drink in a pub up there where some of my dads friend hang out. There is always trouble in the area as there are two villages nextdoor to each other called sutton hill and woodside. These to villages hate each other and the headbangers from either villages meet up every night in gangs of 30 – 50 for a fight. We must have been up the pub up there at least 5 times and there has always been trouble. The first time we were at my aunties party when someone was found dead in the toilets suferring from a sever beating in the head. The second time i was there my dads friend got a chunk of his face bitten off by a headbanger that didnt even know him. The 3rd time a couple of lads from woodside walked in and they both got slashed by stanley knifes and riot police had to come in to save them. The 4th time someone got murdered again after gettin beaten up by a **** with a baseball bat after a local ****. And the last time I went there, there was a local football match on between telford united and shrewsbury fc, the headbangers from the hard parts of telford (woodside, sutton hill, donnington, and general telford) all went down to a field to fight the shrewbury football hooligans. The result was with hundreds of people getting arrested. I have been walking around telford on my own alot recently and have been stopped by local ***** asking me for a spare “ciggy” i just say no and walk off before trouble occurs. Looking around the midlands and msot of england telford is one of the roughest, nastiest, ********* towns I have ever seen

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