Langley Green/Oldbury

West Midlands

It’s not actually a bad little town depends where you go. Any where near alfred gunn house flats is just a no go even when you walk past you know it’s just a dodgy area round there you can forever hear rubbish music coming from the scruffy flats. It made me laugh one time I was looking in the local paper and there was an advertisement selling ‘top class apartments’ what ones are they then. Basically those flats are just full of chavy families well when i say families i mean single mothers who possibly do not know who the father of their children is. Another area for the ***** is at the bottom of hadley street you can always find a group of young ***** standing outside in their bescott market tracksuits and their stupid woolly hats that cover just one ear and the back of their head. Right how on earth is that meant to keep your head warm with it lopsided and only covering one ear while having it perched on the back of your head and having it pointed up so you look like a cone head. Another **** hang out is by Causeway Green Road shops by the Wing Wah im forever getting asked to buy the little chavy 14 year olds a 10 pack of sterling superkings and a bottle of Frosty Jacks for them to take down to Ashes Road and set fires on the billies (some dirt track that has made some ramps and stuff like that). Pubs round langley are quite strict for underage drinkers apart from the Model but The Navigation it the place to find all the little 16 year old ***** drinking and the owner of The Navigation don’t even ask them for ID. Another pub like this is the Old Cross now about 6 years ago this used to be the best pub in the area but those owners have now moved on and the Old Cross has gone down hill these owners actually do ask for ID but even if the ID was in another language and was possibly made by the ***** themselves with their kids crayons they would accept it. The parks are the main places for these ***** to meet up and ‘get off their faces’ on their cheap cider and lager that they have asked some one to buy for them and they save enough money between them all for them to buy some blue rizla and save enough credit on their fones that they have possibly mugged off someone younger then them all so they can all put together to buy a bag of weed

All in all langley isnt a bad place to live but just keep away from Alfred Gunn house flats both langley park and barnford park on a night. And dont say yes to these ****** kids begging you to go in the shop for them they will be more scared of you than you are then them.

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