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Ah, Lancing, the in-bred town of Pikeys.

Beside having the inability to park a car unless opposite another vehicle, completely blocking the road, there are lots of things going on in Lancing.

Like the Mothers Meetings outside Freshbrook school. I mean, like they havent got loads of other things to do. Washing? Ironing? Cleaning? Oh no. I forgot. Their Chavs. And so are their children. They live on the council estates, and don’t bother to clean up. They drop the kids off to school (not because they want them to get an education…no. It’s so they can jack up in peace) then, they stand outside the gates talking to one another, for absolutely ages, and then go for coffee in the cafe, and then go home when the rush has worn off, so the can jack up again.

Then there is a post office. I was standing patiently in a que, along with many other people, and this chavvish old granny walked up to the counter and said the lady ‘I’m sorry but can you serve me now, because I’ve got a taxi outside and I can’t walk, because I have a bad leg.’ Whats the deal with that?! ‘I’m sorry I broke a finger. Can you serve me my food first please?’ It’s not just the latest generations who are chavs.

At night (which I don’t really know that much about because I daren’t venture out) the Mothers Meeting’s kids all sit around outside the Co-Op, Alldays, or the train station. At this point some poor person who has no choice but to walk past them, gets kebab thrown at them, or chips, and it’s even been known for them to throw an opened bottle of water.

I have to say that this has to be one of the most Chavish towns.

Written by Anonymous Visitor and posted in South East

South Lancing used to be a haven for chavs when I was at school there. I’m living in London now, and I’ve only once been misfortunate enough to encounter the company of chavs on the 134 bus in the six years I’ve been living here.

Lancing is not so bad anymore, but that’s probably because all my old school friends live in North Lancing, so I never tend to venture past the south side of the level crossing unless absolutely necessary.

My friends and I are arranging and recording a song about chavs to the theme of “He’s a Tramp” from Lady and the Tramp. We need some lyrics for the second half of the final verse and the coda, so if anyone has any ideas, please let us know! (sillybuggers@potatohermits.co.uk)

P.S. Probably the one place where chavhood is second to none is around Buckhurst Hill/Debden (or Plebden, as we call it) in Essex. It’s either innocent, friendly OAPs or young, annoying, abusive youths driving very expensive sports cars at 40 mph in gear 1. Weird place!

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hmm….Lancing Station Oh What a Joy that is in the evening.. once darkness falls i wouldnt advise going anywere near it if you value your personal property, or your face for that matter the thuggs/Chavs/Skegs hang out on their mopeds and lob soggy kebab peices at passers bye and Kick a foot ball or any object they can at you. The sound of “OIIIIIII Candice Weres my Baby?” rings through The town center With all the single mothers gathering To talk about who’s kid has more Gold than who, most of which are fatherd by the same person.. (I could shame a few people but i wont) its advisable not to Go anywere near Summerfield because the trolly park is a haven for the younger chavs and chavetts to hang out on…Also The word goff and grunga Is yelled at anyone who Dresses slightly different.
If You deside To Venture Down Tower road you got more balls than me… All in all Lancing is the most unpleasnt place i have ever been and i have to live here…the word suicide comes to mind…

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I had the pleasure to work for a short while on Lancing Industrial Estate – an area of outstanding natural beauty. When I used to wait at the train station to get my train back to Brighton there would always be a number of teenage chavs hanging around outside th Co-op, but on one occasion two male teenage Chavs dressed head to toe in pastel Nicholson gear with “love, sex and money” written al over the tops and with fake burberry baseball caps, were standing on the platform with a baby in a pram, discussing how when the supposed father had his trial and was sent down for a year or two, the mother would have to take sole responsibility for the child which the father seemed to be worried about. He Indicated that she is somehting of a psycho and not able to bring up a child. Hooray for another Chav child being brought up in Lancing. Lancing is a truly horrific place, sharing most of the Chavs in the south east with neighboring town Fishersgate.