Lakeside (thurrock)

East AngliaEssex

Lakeside is the chav can see many chavs standing at the bottem of the escalators looking up the chavette’s skirts and then making the matting call of the chav,Oi i wan ah shag u.but said as one word.
Lakeside used to be a nice place to shop but now its a no go.and well c2c opened a station at west ham and thay have turned Lakeside into a chav playpen at weekends with six of them and one coffee in mc’chavs.
the trouble is it is the centre for all the outlying chav towns Grays,Tilbury(a chav top ten)ockendon.and the chav crown jewel that is Chafford hundred,where thay have a new kind of chav the under ten year old chav.
nasty little thing comes in many colors.
Beaware Essex is going chav.

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