Lacey Green


Quite possibly the downfall of Wilmslow.

The percentage of the population who are ******, uneducated and on benefits is horrifying. Strangely the locals deem it attractive to dye their hair on multiple occasions and sleep with their sisters. A fun game to play on this hell hole is too try counting the number of extra eyes the mongoloid population have. The parental skills are second to none! Give your child coke for breakfast, dinner and tea, all accounted for by the state of course. And as for the houses….. well if you could even call them that! If the locals aren’t ugly enough to make your eyes bleed then maybe the houses will. It is comfortably situated next to the airy sewage works for the local area, which smells almost as bad as the coked up people that live in the ********. The nearest comparison that could be made is the hills have eyes.

Avoid at all costs.

How grim is your Postcode?

By: stabby abbie

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