Knaresborough (More than just Tourist Chavs)

North EastYorkshire

As a resident of the once fine market town of Knaresborough i have seen the decline first hand.

Let me take you through the tale of Knaresborough and the Chav Invasion………………

Since Chav-dom has become mainstream all the scally’s, scummers, no-hopers, losers, drop outs, call them what you want have now havet a uniform and a lifestyle.

All you have to do is go to the town centre, where you will see all the under-age kids sitting at the cross. You cant make it by without them begging you for help getting cigerettes or alcohol. The Jacksons also is an obvious magnet for these Chav bastards. Try using the ATM that is placed right next to Jacksons, it is a death sentence. They can see you get the money, its ridiculous. Now they know they get money if they mug you. Of course the friendly Jacksons sells alcohol and cigerettes to anyone who has money, which isnt a problem as they just wait for a poor sap to use the ATM.

Know for the Chav who is old enough (or at least looks old enough) the Pub of choice is the crown. Every night the Chav’s pile in to this pub leaving no room for movement. All in there god dman Chav uniform. In this once fine pub you see all the drop outs of the last 5-6 years from the local high school (King James’s School). They meet here to drink away there worthless lives.

You also get your rich Chav, you know the one with the Nova with a knackered exhaust. They go around town all night long like retards.

The Chavs used to be contained, we had them all in the crappy part of town Stockwell. They seemed to like it there, they had a park to break. And a centre of sorts. But then good old Knaresborough though Jacksons would be a good idea. Well how wrong were we.

So inclosing I HATE the Knaresborough Chav population.

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