This town by glasgea has one of the largest “****” populations. doon here we call em **** (none educated delinquents). I got told the other week noone could understand wat a wis sayin. coz a wi taking “nedish” yup in kirky they have there own language. the palce the all are from (well most of em) is hillhead . the place where sparypaint is a nescettie and boared up windies. a place by kirkie also densly populated by **** is lenzie and once a month we all gather at the zest a “club nite” its basicly a lot of dance music lots of short skirts ond a hole lot a bubery. the most poular activity? winchin. (gettin off wif ,snoggin) people fea different gangs (such as ygt and ayt) gettin off wi each otha. total strangers – ned rating 10/10

Top 10 worst places to live in England 2020