Kirkholt, Rochdale

Search Google maps for OL11 2JG and you will find an estate to the East of Rochdale centre that goes by the name of Kirkholt.
The “civic focus” of Kirkholt is the Strand, if you look at the place on a map you may think it looks like a large pustule ready to explode.
The Strand has a row of shops, usual cheap booze for the feckless denizens, hairdressers, and a laser skin treatment clinic no less!
The laser shop probably does good trade in removing “Lee4eva” tattoos from orange peeled orange coloured lumbar regions.
There is a private hire office at the Western end of the strand, they have vending machines kept in cages. The vending machines are not dangerous but the customers of the taxi company most certainly are.
One day I parked my vehicle on the strand for I had business in the area. On locking up I gave the usual glance around and saw two youths looking through an upstairs window in a house oppsite the shops.
Sure enough when I returned to the motor 20 minutes later the window glass from drivers door was on top of the window glass from the previous victims cars.
Anything taken from the vehicle? A shopping bag with bread and one bottle of wine, neither would have been identifiable through the glass.
This happened at half one in the afternoon when there was plenty of people about.
I reckon I would bet money on which direction the scrotes came from and went back to.
So I drove away feeling hard done by but not surprised when I came upon the ****** estate death-wish road traverse.
To witness this phenomenon is very strange and I have seen it in many low-life places: It happens thus, a female ****** pushing a child in a pushchair will veer to the kerb and begin to cross the road just as you are passing in a motor. The pushchair will be pushed out into the road suddenly but as the two damned souls enter the carriageway the pace will slow to a diagonal crawl which will ensure you have to slow down if you wish to avoid a day in court.
Sometimes there is a male ****** in attendance and this will make a person think there may be an ambush coming their way. All but the child will stare you out as they perform their “dare you not to stop” stroll across the road.
One day I will just go to the court and say a wasp came through my open window and I panicked.
Recommend you only visit if driving a “technical” and have 40 metres of .50CAL belt ammo for the bed mounted gun.

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