Kirkby is a definite **** hotspot. It has many facilities to entertain the *****, for instance a popular hangout with the ***** in the Dickie Lewis in the towny. There is also a Wetherspoons and the L32. All these pubs are not very inviting, and anyone who enters these dungeons should do so with extreme caution. These are often the starting blocks for the weekly brawl outside. A combination of drink and drugs often turns these young peasants into violent drugged up animals. Then there is the world famous Kirkby Market, where you’ll be able to purchase all of your burberry assessories (cap, wooly hat, hand bag, sports bag, t shirts, vests) virtually any garment of clothing. Kirkby towny is a ***** dream as far as food is concerned. There’s 2 sayers, greggs, waterfields and numerous grotty cafes. There’s 3 £1 shops for all the weekly shopping to be done by the pram and pastie brigade after they have been the postie to cash their lone parents/sickness benefit. The locals tend to hang around the towny, but for those a bit more adventurous, the Centre Pocket (although pronounced Senna Pocket by the local *****) is a hot spot for youngsters to go and get stoned in the not so luxurious conditions and have a game of pool. For all young ***** wanting to make a dishonest living for themselves there’s the unlimited opportunities of the Industrial Estate. ***** can often be seen leaving the housing estates and heading off to the estate in search of something to rob in order to sell and generate money to buy the weed. All in all, Kirkby is full of ***** of all different age generations.

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