Kirkby in Ashfield

East MidlandsNottinghamshire

How can it be that this carbuncle on the a**e of humanity as yet to reach dissy heights of a featured c**v town. This place is the yardstick by which chavism is measured.

It has the lot, ticks all the boxes and then some. All of the chaviest shops are there sometimes in multiples. This place is the pussy head on a giant sore. Most of the locals are more blinged up than the bastard son of a unholy mating of Jimmy Saville and Mr T.

The women are so fat they have more chins than a chinese phone book and a belly that hangs over a day glo spandex creation. If a girl doesn’t have two children by the time she’s 16 she’s forced to move to up market Huthwaite. I therefore commend to you readers that this place should qualify for the c**v town hall of fame. If you don’t know the place and fancy visiting drive through quickly, keep the doors locked and don’t stop at the lights.

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