Kingstanding, Birmingham, so much to answer for

Kingstanding as has previously been said by other correspondents is adistrict on the northern edge of Birmingham, sandwiched between rich **** heaven (Sutton Coldfield), Great Barr and Erdington. “Kingstanding Circle” is a massive traffic island with shops round it and has a very high cpsm (***** per square metre) count. Lots of cut price shops, and much more sinsiter are the stickers from the National Front.

Kingstanding is like a lot of big city down-trodden suburbs -right to buy pre-war council houses, ***** wandering aimlessley, grafitti and vandalism and a high white van count. Like many such places there is aimless fashion following -years ago it almost sank under the weight of stone cladding, and original Sky dishes. There is a feeling of wanting to achieve “luxury” at home, e.g. two car families (one house had a FSO Polski Fiat and an East German Trabant). Over the top decoration inside (the curtains are often opone with the lights on) and 42 inch gas plasma TVs.

One site is amazing -on the Kings Road (which leads to the Circle from Sutton Coldfield) someone has built a shrine in the middle of the dual carriageway. It’s probably a very sad case (possibly a dead child because it was recently festooned with 18th birthday banners) but only in Kingstanding do people feel the need to express themselves in such a morbid way.

You also start to notice just how many Union flags and St Georges are flown from cars and hang from bedroom windows. Even more than what you would expect from a **** area. Then you see the National Front stickers and then you notice that it is a totaly white area. Kingstanding is a frighteningly racist place. An example: a previous Lord Mayor of birmingham, a sikh came to open something. He was stoned (and I don’t mean drugs!) by the local yob element.

How grim is your Postcode?

A lot of this **** stuff is funny. They provide hours of entertainment, but remember, **** genes hide uglier actions. Beware!

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