Kingstanding, Birmingham -a special seasonal touch

The North Birmingham Cycle Route, is an excellent initiative by Birmingham City Council, enbaling cyclists to go safely from close to Spaghetti Junction to Sutton Park. So what is the problem between College Road and Kings Road? And is it a problem anywhere else?

I am a keen cyclist and the North Birmingham Cycle Route is very useful to me. However I noticed a phenomenon over the Christmas 2004 holidays -the ***** have to get quad bikes and mini motor cycles for their kids.

Kingstanding is not a wealthy area, but it was incredible how, on Christmas morning I could the distant sound of chain saws (oh how wished they were re-enacting one of their favourite videos -no such luck!). All through the holiday you couldn’t move for kids on motorcycles (with no crash helmets -no brains to damage!) and huge areas of public open green space being churned up by quad bikes. Of course, a solitary cyclist is a target and I can assure you I got out of the area very quickly. Obviously the bikes had been stolen, but why is it that you never see them any other time of the year? And have other correspondents noticed anything similar?

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