Kingshurst- Loser capital of Solihull

Where do I start ? It’s so bad, even Chelmsley Wood is embarrassed by Kingshurst ! It is known to the rest of North Solihull as ‘Binshurst’.
People here would rather saw off their own limbs to claim incapacity benefit than get a job. As well as Burberry clad ***** and ********* aged between 0 and 55 (no one usually lives longer than that here) there are also their parents, the original Wayne and Waynettas staggering around the ‘picturesque’ shopping centre- I love the way they attempted to hide the security cameras inside that hideous metal modern art sculpture! With their filthy hair, filthy stained clothes, swearing and smoking roll ups whilst stuffing their faces with Gregg’s steakbakes they are a nasty sweaty site to behold- although at least they can multi task. The ***** here are a special breed- they are also largely ******. The fake bling here is the biggest and best in the whole of Solihull, and if you want to see the nastiest tattoos in the UK, this is the right place- this only place I have ever visited where I have actually seen a woman with a tattood shaved head!

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