Written by Anonymous.
I had to go to King’s Norton to make a delivery recently and I swear, I will never go back there again.
I went up one road thinking it looked a nice area, but out came the local chavscum, little miss dolescums with their tracksuit bottoms pushing a welfare chick in a pushchair followed by a couple of hooded piss stinking tracksuit wearing pikeys. Then we come to the local schools. Gangs of chavs waiting outside dealing drugs, drinking cider and banging on the windows of every car and bus that went past. I then noticed smashed phoneboxes, bus shelters and crap everywhere, a load of crap amongst the nice, respectable Victorian semis that was once middle class suburbia.
I have been to some dumps but this is the only one I actually felt scared in. It looked like a nice leafy, pleasant suburb until I saw who lived in it. It’s an area that can fool unwitting visitors who don’t know the area.
What the Hell happened to King’s Norton? It used to be OK there

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