kings norton birmingham

West MidlandsWest Midlands

Kings Norton in brum is fast becoming the centre of the chav universe. Ordinary people are a minority here, chaviness has breeched the generation gap i personally have two generations of chavs living (or squating) next door and i know its only a matter of time before its three generations (eldest chavette is 16 well past the normal age for chavs to start breeding,13.)
The local chav population enjoys such pasttimes as vandalising local properties including their own(!?!?), drinking copius amounts of quality drinks like white lighting cider while sharing 1 spliff between about 10 chavs. its not uncommon to see groups of chavs aged between 6and 17/18 all playing together, how sweet. any body who dares to confront said chavs is met by a torrent of bad langauge with “its a free country we can do wot we want”, they behave as if they are indestructable, perhaps they think that thier god BURBERRYUS will protect them on their quest to piss on everyone else’s chips.there also seems to be a creepy obsession with fire, now correct me if i’m wrong but man has been able to make fire for thousands of years, but these twats just cant seem to get over it and do somthing else. I need to move. The government needs to act and put an end to chavdom before its too late and theres no room for normal people.

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