Kings Lynn

East AngliaNorfolk

Ah yes, I have unfortunately lived in this **** hole for 15 years. Okay it is not the worst place in the world, but I would say it’s not exactly the most pleasant of places. Kings Lynn is over run by ***** and their small mindedness. Lynnites have their very own walk and swagger, and the Lynn accent is very harsh, cross between Norfolk and something completely different. Look out for parts of Kings Lynn such as Fairstead, South Lynn, North Lynn and Hillington Square where the ***** congregate to get ‘blazed’ and pissed on Special Brew talking about a load of ****. Now doesn’t that just sound fun ? Kings Lynn has several large families, all kinda ****** with each other and all related to each other one way or another, and all have the same way of thinking and living. No one is allowed to be different, we all have to wear hooped earrings with a lovely pair of tracksuit bottoms tucked into an even lovelier pair of dated England socks, as they hope, sixth months on, that England will win the world cup next time round in 2014 when its inevitable that they won’t. No one is allowed to like different music, it must be chart music or Dubstep, or no music at all. Going to school and getting a job is the last thing on a Lynnites mind and don’t dare venture out of the ‘magical world of Kings Lynn’. Of course, not everyone in Kings Lynn is like this, and some parts can be deemed as okay, and being negative isn’t going to help a matter at all. But to me, this generalisation is what springs to mind when I think of my home town Kings Lynn.

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