King’s Lynn

East AngliaNorfolk
I came to kings lynn on a day trip with my friends’ just to look around you know explore etc. I came up on the earliest first capital connect train avaliable from New Barnet (Where i live) it was a quiet sunday like you would expect most sundays can be quite quiet after my 2 hours and 10 mins journey i arrive at King’s Lynn i was impressed it seemed such a nice area really pleasant attractive buildings all nicely set out. Anyway it was a good day no **** problems i could honestly report about this place. Until…. 4 hours later when I my friend and his girlfriend were greeted by not only our train but a large group of violent and drunk ***** on our return to King’s Lynn Station. I was feeling sorry for the guard at the station who was being intimidated and goaded by the ***** on our arrival because they were being told to leave if they have not got a ticket to travel the ***** simply responded with “piss off u old man we can do woteva we want init” when the guard said to them if you don’t leave i will call the police the ***** went in to a fit of laughter. Anyway not wanting to be involved in the arguement shall i say i and my friends’ boarded the train and awaited our departure. Unforunately this got delayed because 3 of the ***** decided to play a game of open and close the train doors whilst the fellow **** friend traps himself between the 2 doors this seemed to be of some great amusement to the ***** sitting on the platform who were filming them the **** trapping himself between the doors on there no doubt stolen mobile camera phones.
Eventually after around 20 minutes one passenger was brave enough to stand up to them and pushed the **** trapping himself in the doors on to the platform. This didnt go down to well with the **** friends sitting on the platform because **** that got pushed land in between the train and the platform. This provoked a 28 ( TheChavs) on 1 (The customer) fight. As the delay got longer the blood bath got bigger. The next thing i heard was police and ambulance sirens. As the train finally departed we were finally free from this violent norfolk area that caused a near death of a highly innocent man that just wanted to go home like everyone else.
If you travel to kings lynn by train make sure you return before dark because you could fall victim too these anoraking *****. This story is just another example of how our law is losing the fight against violent and drunk *****.

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