Kettering or Kett-rin

East MidlandsNorthamptonshire

Once a sleepy hardworking market town, now being over run by the unemployable theiving ******** known as the ****.

Easily spottable due to their fondness for all things bling and their insatiable appetite for the West/East coast US rap scene.

There is also a middle aged **** population in the town which is more dangerous and dislikable than the youth. These are mostly factory workers who all could have been a footballer/drummer etc or still remember with fondness the North Park (it was a ****** backstreet working mens club where all the girls lost their virginity and the blokes had their first fight/beer at 12/spliff).

These are spotted by their fondness of **** brandnames (Henri Lloyd, Burberry and Aquascutum, which originates from Kettering) plus the ever growing trend of the football shirt worn over a fat beer belly with gold necklace as the must have fashion statement.

The amount of kids with kids is rising as is the numbers of estates being overtaken by these *******.
The once fashionable Ise Lodge estate is now a must live in area for aspiring *****, at present they have to make do with the Grange estate and Highfield Rd areas of the town.

Gangs of these **** can be found roving these estates, as well as congregating outside the public convieniences at the rear of the Newlands shopping centre. Obviously the smell eminating from these piss ridden toilets makes them feel at home.

Of an evening they can be found in their stuck on plastic bodykit cars at the swimming pool car park.Next to the Police station. Now that’s irony.

Kettering has many other downsides which I will write about at another time.

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