Kettering (Ghettoring)

Well, kettering is a stinky little stinkhole in northants, and over the past year the **** population has risen dramatically. The majority of said **** are below the age of 16, yet prowl the streets lokking for fights, or cider, or people to buy them cigarettes or whatever. Their local “haunts” include ******* out outside shops and heckling passers by. If someone walks past they know, they will all jeer their name in a kind of ****** song. i dont know why. After dark (not neccessarily at night, just when its dark) they vacate to the benches in the local park, where they sit around the benches on bikes, smoke and if fortune has smiled on them, drink some cheap cider.

There are several different “gangs” of townies in kettering, all with names as stupid as the last. We have “the soul crew” (monosyllabic), “Twenty-Four-Seven Cru”, “PLZ (PLayaZ)”, “meth”, “Psycho” and my favourite, “Inner street Criminals”.

I will provide pics of these hardened gangland twats if possible

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