Kesgrave – Suffolk’s new **** Capital

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Hello again, it has been a while I must admit. Since i last wrote, i have had time to finish my next study of the suffolk-based ****, with a glance to the small village/pit known as Kesgrave, just outside Ipswich.

This village used to be small and even picturesque, with the bell pub, and a small village hall, scouts building and the such. So where did it all go so horribly wrong you ask? What reason could i have to complain? Well, about 20 years ago certain changes occured, eventually leading to the wonderous example of ****-based accomidation known as Grange Farm Estate.

Gaze in wonder at the New tesco, providing parking space for Nova’s and ‘scorts (and increaingly 106’s), employment and a prime spot for the Bike-based **** to hang-out and abuse the general population. Then there are the areas of green land with football pitches and play equipment niavely set out to allow small children to play, now frequented with our white-lighting swilling friends. Not a friday night will pass without some story of "dave smacked Gav over the ‘ead with a golf club" – It actually happened.

How grim is your Postcode?

Then, there is the new super-pub "The Farmhouse". It isn’t a farmhouse, it’s just ****. You don’t go here for a pint, you go here to get served massive plates of microwave food at discount prices.

Even the innocent "old ‘arf" of Kesgrave lost it’s postoffice in favour of a One Stop, and of course, assocsiated Cru. Whenever you are next down, be careful you don’t get "knifed" by a member of the Full-FX cru, or Hazardous Cru, and i’m sure there are more. They even have their own DJ/MC groupings, so you can listen to them bang out some choon’s from their cars that you haven’t heard a million times on vibe FM or SGR.
All the ****’s/Mates/Gary Boy’s and their tarts decend from here onto ipswich once they learn to drive, or feel like taking the bus (unfourtunate for other commuters) so there is some occasional releif.

jeez, I can’t belive I live here on weekends.

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