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Despite sky high property prices/rents and the presence of many media luvvies, Kentish Town is one of London’s true chav-itats.
Not many high streets can boast an Iceland, a Greggs, a Maccy D, a Woolworths, a jobcentre, several bookies, numerous kebab shops, a Cash Coverter and a jeweller/pawnbroker selling clown pendants, Arsenal rings and other such chav-friendly trinkets all within spitting distance of each other.
The locals are Burberry clad white trash and most of them are “cousins”, esp in chav enclaves like the Queens crescent estate.
I recently caught a gang of small boys – no older than eleven – trying to “hide” a laptop computer in my garden that they’d “borrowed” from a man down the street.
In the summer, visit Parliament Hill Lido, where fishwife like chavettes cling on to their dim witted boyfriends as they hurl abuse at other female swimmers.
Also ride the 214 bus, which links Kentish Town with the arse end of Camden and Chapel Market, another fave chav hangout.

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