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Hard to believe that Keighley was once one of Britain’s wealthiest and prosperous towns in days gone by. Since then, the town just seems to spiral into a hopeless decline. Although a lot of the town’s old heritage remains, there has undoubtedly been a shift in the emphasis of culture in the town and we have all been forced to turn our heads to the rise of a new era: the era of the ****.

People have been posting listings regarding our new dominating class, a class that seems to be able to recruit more and more people by the day; white, asian, black, rich or poor. There must be something appealing about these *****…

A lot of emphasis went on what they wear but everybody knows that that is just a fashion statement and way of associating themselves with the term ****! The real problem seems to lie in the almost cloned attitude of most *****, which is to create as many social problems as possible in their town. What the hell is your people’s problem?

Whenever anybody asks me where I’m from, I always hesitate before saying Keighley. Not because we have a lot of ***** or a large ethnic mixture of people, but because of all the **** and negative impact some small minded people have, causing the town to fail socially and eventually economically.

It’s all pretty irrelevant now anyway. I did what most people with money in Keighley did and got the hell out of there.

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