I used to live in keighley and rented my house,
Estate looked really nice however i started to get to know the area and found the we were plagued by a local car thief, drug addicts a prostitue and various other criminals.
Every night the same criminals steal a car and dump it the police dont seem to be able to do anything about it!
The drug addicts who live in the flats either sell themselves or rob the other people on the estate.
Dont get me wrong the was some great people who lived there who wernt into crime and were real peived off with it all, but the landlord brunel who move people these people knowing full well what they were upto.
We learnt that the landlord had given up on the estate wouldnt do repairs they said it was because the had no money to do them.
What gets me is some people in keighley think it is cool to either be a drug dealer or as they say a car twoker.
I do understand there is nothing to espire to in this sick little town poorly paid jobs crime and drugs on every corner!
My advice is dont rent a house or buy a house in central keighley, bracken bank, guardhouse, woodhouse and parkwood amongst others and dont let you kids goto a keighley school unless you want them to be infulenced by the criminals who also go there or the drug dealers who stand by the school gates!


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