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well keighley…i believe it is the home of the chavs, or townies as they are called up north. i love this town and believe that our townies are the best around.
most of us have been brought up in the council estates of braithwaite or the rivals Brackenbankers! pretty good life of just messin around. a normal day would be comming home from school to find a burnt out car in your garden with kids jumping around on it. nobody would care as that was the life.
a typical day of a townie in keighley is get up whenever you feel like it. do a few dodgy things that can’t be said, hang out with some mates may be smash a few windows up shann (the posher end), by some special brew and sit in the town centre. here you can get a scag head to get you anything you want for a small price.
if its the weekend you head for the town. the vic, ahh what a lovely place, full off 14 yr olds but its about the only place your aloud in in your wearing strippy jumpers and rock ports…note girls and guys dress the same in this town.
then you head off the 101, i must admid i love this club as it the metting place for the older townies. once a few fights have broken out inside we move on outside.
the fights are normally between the girls, the lads tend to waite untill they get to the green.
remember thought before you start fighting, wear all your frinds rings and take out all your earing and necklaces. gold of course, you have to have your gold or your a nobody.
once you have had your fight just simply walk off feeling proud, even if you are full of blood, it looks good.
then on the green the girls sit and relax while the guys have there turn. its all fun.
then off to a chill out at somebodies house, may be a few scandles on the way.
I warn you though, i wouldn’t visit the town for a night out if i was you as if your not welcome im sure somebody would be happy to turf you out.

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