Kawagoe city, Saitama, Japan

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Most people imagine Japan as a neon-lit industrial complex with a few mountains and temples and lots of martial artists. If you’ve seen ‘Black Rain’ with Michael Douglas, you might be closer to knowing the truth. Japan has its beautiful places, (fast disappearing under concrete and rubbish tips), and its ancient culture, (fast disappearing under ‘Hello Kitty land shops, Pachinko parlors and Karaoke joints). Saitama is the **** capital of Japan. In Japan they are known as ‘Yankees’, don’t really know why, maybe something to do with driving enormous, impractical, stinking yank cars with stereo systems that can raze buildings if cranked up. Like Hong Kong, Yankees mostly work. Males work in construction. You can spot them after work wearing outrageous baggy work trousers which are tight at the ankle, (think AliBaba), a white T-shirt, a load of Bling, *** ******* from the gob, texting messages on a mobile festooned with a pile of **** key ring adornements and with a spiky died hairdo that makes him look like an Asian in a ginger wig who stuck his finger in an electric socket. Unlike British *****, these guys work quite hard, but they are still quite anti social, lying down and sleeping on the train seats when it is busy and ignoring the angry stares of the other passengers, smoking where its prohibited, dodging train fares and generally being scary. These days, they tend to drive tarted up people carriers with blacked out windows and exhaust systems that sound like a jumbo jet with a sore throat.
We ******* hate these guys and their ***** wives/girlfriends. they smoke everywhere and stink up the place, they always have hordes of little yankee brat bastards who scream and shout at the top of their lungs and have their hair dyed to match the orange mess of their parents, (I’ve seen toddlers of three or four with orange bloody hair, I’ve also heard of a five year old having a tattoo!)

The small development where we live has been invaded by them and you can spot their places as they never open the windows, are rarely seen in daylight and their balconies etc. are piled with ****. If they were allowed pets their would be dog **** everywhere as well.

My wife, who is Japanese, has never seen a place like Saitama before, but now we have started seeing these trash everywhere. Their casual clothes make them look like American Ghetto trash and they also love to wear horrible matching jogging suits and shell suits, white socks and pool shoes/flip-flops. Never has the rustling of the shell suits reached such a crescendo!
Bling is also needed as is a pair of sunglasses.

I will try posting some photos of these ***** as the sight of them is sure to crack you up.

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