Iver Heath

South East

They hang out at the the park from 11AM till about 2AM smoking, drinking, shagging and annoying everyone, the younger ***** will wait outside shops waiting for anyone over 16 so they can ask them if they will buy them ****, you occasionaly see teenage ********* pushing prams with their kids wearing fake burberry, you cant even go out alone at night because of the fear of getting egged or mugged. When they eventually get told to move on they hang on on the corner of the street when some of the drunken ***** moon at the cars and flash thier bits. You sometimes see *****/********* parents, brothers and sisters dressed like that as well and you also see the clone ********* where they have everything the same, at night the boy racers will go onto the feild and do a doughnut or two on the grass and throw broken bottles into peoples gardens and other random objects they can find,EG used condoms, bikes, cider bottles. THIS IS ONE FUCKED UP AREA.

Top 10 worst places to live in England 2020