ipswich B.M.X track

East AngliaSuffolk

me and brother do bmx racing as a hobby and travel the country racing, but of all the tracks ours is the worst, you will know this if you ever go to landseer park in the nacton estate area. when me and my brother are practising you wouldn’t beleive the stupidity that goes on there….

***** garbed in burberry swarm one stretch of jumps known as the ‘eight pack’sitting on bikes worth next to nothing that they don’t own, any fellow bmxers who read this will know about the story of when some stupid little kid decided to run into the track infront of our fully speeding bmxer who crashes into the victim of stupidity who gets in a great big mood as if it wasn’t his own faulthe runs off and gets his big brother who comes down acting like he owns the place and asks why our hero ‘started on iz lil bruva n pushd him onda flore nd ****’ in a voice that sounded as if he had just been simultaniously been fed many helium baloons, after not much trouble the ‘ard boi’ was outsmarted and outnumbered he leeves and we carry on….

but thats not all..

a few weeks aftera pair of six year old ***** are sitting on the big boubles and my brother even though he himself is a ****….he isnt braindead he yelled at the boy to moveoff the jump but its as if the brood telepathy of the hive mind kicked in when more ********* sitting on the equipment container turns round and decides to be clever by saying ‘dey ave names u no’ as if they had giant signs floating above their heads it just shows that development of brain matter is not part of the **** cycle wich goes like so: **** is born and given a name that sounds foreign because it’s "bad" the **** becomes of a reasonably young age when they begin to be kicked out of their house all day so the father **** (also known as a monstrous ****) can go to the pub and waste himself so he can go home at night and **** up the ***** mother (if she still lives with him)and then our little **** goes and breaks laws and annoys innocent decent people because thats all they can do (if they’re feeling slightly brave they’ll steal a bike or two, go home at ten o’clock that night and eatsomewhat unworthy to be called dinner an then the cycle of the day repeats untill our little **** one day grows into a monstrous ****.

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