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A few years ago, I’d never have even looked twice at some ‘Anti-****’ sites. But things change. Things have gotten bad. Very bad. Like a virus, ****-ism has spread and infected too many people in the already dull and worthless place I call home. I really don’t understand the whole point of being a ****. I mean, if you’re into R ‘n’ B, and Rap, I’ve got no problem with that. I’m sure most people wouldn’t. Fine, so I can’t stand the stuff, but I don’t go insulting people who don’t listen to the same music as me.

But, of course, that is the **** ‘custom’, as it were. Just because I’m a greebo/grunger/what ever you wanna call me, doesn’t mean I’m justified to a torrent of abuse. While that isn’t the most pleasant of things to experience, ***** still manage to make me laugh. For example, their inability to string a proper sentence together, and, if in any ‘trouble’, the only thing they can say is ‘You best back off, or me and my cru’ is gonna duff you up!’. Without being ‘irrational, I’d hazard a guess that up to half of Ipswich is under the influence of the *****. The only real way to ‘escape’ is the once a month visit to Indie night, the one ‘nightclub’ that plays Slipknot and System of a Down without being attacked. Sure, you’d get the occasional **** ******* around on the street corner as we queue to get in playing ‘Rude boy music’ as load as possible. But its one place ***** would never dare go.

Not any more.

They’re paying £5 a ticket to sit on chairs, drinking (Probably spiked) Cokes, and acting hard, when the tickets could go to someone who actually wants to go. What exactly have they got in their screwed up minds that tells them to hate all Greebos? I’ve never heard, in any of the rap I’ve been unfortunate enough to have to listen, the message to ‘**** all Greebos’. Or am I missing the subliminal message. Or the words ‘Go feed your babies with fat encrusted chips from McShit’. They have no knowledge of any other food, for heavens sake. And some how, they still have enough money to buy all those Burberry caps and ‘Blingage’ without getting a job. Most likely they just borrow money off their parents who are either living off benefits, or have actually done something with their lives and got a well paying job to support their family.

And to repay their parents, it seems that their children have become *****. Now that’s a reward…

And they’re evolving too. Not only do they hang around at McShits, but they’ve now moved onto Spar shops, and the town hall. I really do hate this fact. I used to hang around with my mates at the town hall, but then the police banned us. Now the ***** have taken over. Once, we went into the Buttermarket, just to get a burger or something from Burger king. There were about 10-15 of us. Within 5 minutes, we were being followed by a pair of security guards. This continued until we left the shopping centre. Now, maybe I’m being blind, but I’ve never seen that happen to any *****.

I most likely missed something, but I have never seen anything like that happen to *****. From observation, there are about 15 ***** to 1 Greebo. We’ve never troubled ANYONE, so why are we persecuted and the ***** left to run riot. Ipswich has such a bleak and apocalyptic future…

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