Ilkeh Moo-ar Ba-Tat

Home to the good upper school, lovely scenery, nice shops and old people. But hark, as the town bells ring six o’clock the teenage kappa slappas emerge from their dark and dingy local to piss in the flower beds. The bench on the corner outside Woolies seems to be a favourite hang for these nright young things. At around eight (when it begins to get dark) the drunken yobs hassle the employees of Olciana Fisheries to fry their daily ton of fish and chips quicker. When school ends and the reasonably reasonable teens from the school exit through the back entrance, two ***** are seen shouting at them. Considering they were truenting it may not have been a good idea to hang around JUST OUTSIDE the school. I suggested this to them but they just tisked and went for a piss round the back of the bike sheds. Save lovely Ilkley from these arses!

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