Hythe – the one in Hampshire

Who would have thought a small town on the edge of the New Forest could house an entire gaggle of *****! They are often to be found ******* around outside Waitrose (but would never dare to go inside), spotty pleb boys, fat teenage girls with buggies full of stinking brats, dressed n suitably ‘fashionable’ attire, and what is it with those bloody hooped ***** earrings? Cackers, coities, ******, *****, whatever you call them, they are all ****. Friday nights are the fun times for us average folk, my average Friday goes something like this. Walk through village centre towards my local (The Nelson), get abuse from half a dozen plebian pimpleheads, ignore, more abuse with bottle throwing, turn around, walk towards plebs, plebs scatter. Regular as clock work. Why cant these excrement stay in Netley View from whence they came, could it be that there is nothing left there to destroy.
I am seriously considering organising a group of like minded individuals to remove these ‘people’ from humanity

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