Written by Anonymous Visitor and posted in Greater Manchester, North West, United Kingdom

Well what can i say about hyde gee cross its population is filled with smack heads asbo teenagers smelly old drunks and pakistani people that cant speak a word off english .

To start with – The smack heads well you will normaly see a smack head in the town center of hyde asking you for 20p what then goes up to a pound or they will be running pushing there newest robbed mounting bike to the nearest phonebox to ring for there bag they will probley be wearing a cap trainers from the 90s and clothes they have stolen from outside the charity shop the night before it will normaly be around 9 or 11 am when you will see one after that you might see one around midnight to early morning when they are mooching round your garden robbing you blind if you see a smackhead with your stuff they have just stolen they will automaticly tell you they found it. nearly all of the smackheads round hyde will be hopping about because they have DVT from all the drug use.

The asbo teenagers – well the asbo teenagers are most often called Jodie Chelsea Charlotte Nicole Lauren Amy or sophie As for the boys they could be called enything from JJ Yoges or Diddy the asbo teenagers CHILL on the tracks the cemertry the market any were and every were they can basicly they are allways pissed up in there henleys jumpers with the pants tucked in there socks that is if they havent got there bedware on the girls look like umper lumpers and a few of them wear the hair like amy winehouse if not they will have there hair scraped back with a greasy fringe scraped to the side of there forheads and a scruffy bun on top off there head with bits hanging out all over the place these teenagers usualy go about bragging how theve slept with 20 or more people at the age of 15 or 16 and are usualy in a big groups screaming  abuse at the community or at eachover most off the time they have weeks old makeup on and just keep putting more layers on. also they will have a 3 liter bottle of whitestorm each followed by a spliff hanging out there mouths.

As for the pakistanis and the drunks well the pakistanis just go around spitting all over the place and selling drugs to the teenagers and  smackheads hyde dosent look like a town in england it looks like a town in india they think most the areas are there TURFF and white people are not alound in there TURFF or they will gang beat you up and then the drunks sit with the teenagers on the market or were they find them and then will go in the shop for the teenagers 17 liters of cider and then the teenagers will end up fighting usualy with the drunk then they will all get arrested and will be back out in no more than 6 hours to start it all again.

  • Alex Rae

    Awful level of literacy from an individual who’s opening remarks included a mention of foreigners who cannot speak English…
    I would very much like to challenge this mess of a human to a battle of fisticuffs.

  • Steve Parkinson

    Sounds like a nice place to avoid… funny… yet not funny too. Think once we are out of Europe we can start to cleanes the scumbags out… drug pushers etc.. no more silly laws slowing us down..

  • GoogleUser

    The majority of the people posting these comments are awful spellers. As for their grammar I can’t even comprehend who dragged these morons up.

    In general Hyde isn’t anything like these people suggest. I am from Bramhall but moved to Hyde last year, and having family in the area I have never come across any of what this guy says.

    There are good and bad people everywhere.

    I live on the new Barratt estate just at the bottom of Hattersley. I have to say I feel so so sad for the residents of Hattersley, it may be a council estate that has had two major crime incidents that have exploded all over the news but I must stress that it wasn’t even the people of Hattersley committing these crimes! It was people hiding up there from both Gorton & Droylsden so, to label the rest of them as scum because those scumbags committed crimes in an area that they aren’t from is totally disgusting!

    I feel perfectly safe up here! There is almost never any crime up here on a daily basis & apart from a small minority of idiots, almost all of them are decent hardworking people just trying to live like anyone else!

    If anybody actually spent a few days up here their opinion of Hattersley would be completely different and they would be shocked at how quiet it is and how safe it is on the whole.

    Yes there are a minority of ‘chavs’ up here & the Harehill Tavern is certainly not a pub you would go in, a small group of kids need discipline & possibly a good slap but apart from that I feel perfectly safe and have NEVER considered it to be rough! I have spent a lot of time up here as my gran has lived here since it was first built & I have never ever felt unsafe here!

  • iLiveInHyde

    Umm…. i dont think you live in Hyde at all. Your clearly someone who is bored… or someone who does live in Hyde, stays in the a tiny box room, and has no friends, and as a result despises the outside world because of your social retardness.

  • Sarah

    Who ever wrote this is a f*****g legend me now hubby was ROFPmsl whwhat you said is bang on mate couldn’t have said it better and I live there brilliant post love it

  • Tc

    The biggest problem with GX is it’s full of thick Daily Mail reading Tories, oblivious to the fact of the damage their ‘government’ led by the unelected pr bullshitter of a so called PM Cameron, is doing and has done.
    Hopefully we will get rid of another useless tory councillor this year.
    Remember all the lies Cameron and Gideon spun to get into No 10, all the bullshit about protecting the NHS, well Mr Cameron you couldn’t get a majority against an unpopular labour PM and government even with all your lies and Ashcroft money, you have got FA chance of getting back in next year, even with that Shithouse Clegg backing you. Just look at your front bench, how the f**k can any sane person vote you in, Pickles, (C)Hunt, Javed, Shapps (or whatever his name is), Gideon, Gove, Hague, IDS, Fallon, and all the other f*****g w*****s, the sight of them makes me feel sick.
    To the Tory residents of the s******e that is GX, I hope you are proud of what your ‘government’ has done, relentless attacks on the old, sick and poor, bedroom tax, cost of living, tax cuts for the rich, privatisation of the NHS (for which you will never be forgiven), the complete f**k up of the building schools programme and general unnecessary and unwanted ideolgical f*****g about with our schools. Oh and don’t think you have fooled the public with your fudged unemployment figures, it is your ‘government’ that has thrown hundreds of thousands of people onto the dole, people who had proper full time jobs, and you have replaced them with s**t part time zero hour contract jobs – with no rights, no holiday pay, no sick pay and, actually no guarantee of any work, how the f**k are you supposed to live like that?
    And to all the tories who blame it all on Labour and Gordon Brown, just a reminder to you, Gideon Osborne backed labours spending fight through till the crash,, and then- they didn’t know what the f**k to do, much like the current situation.
    Anyway don’t come and live in GX, it’s full of nasty fascist tory bastards. Goodnight.

  • shotty

    pakis cant fight to save their life one on one evry1 knows that

    p**i bashing is what we do in hyde, beating up a p**i is manny culture happening everywhere from salford ro whyhthenshawe to moss side to hyde to moston, pakis are victims

    • iLiveInHyde

      looool is that why in the media… the so called daily mail you chavs like to read, it is evident that you ‘whiteys’ get shat on every week hahahah. You dont even dare to enter Hyde, and when you do finally enter to collect your dole, you are always looking around as if your going to get stabbed up hahahha.

  • nic

    Think its really sad that somebody has had the time to sit and write that comment in the first place, just because you can’t afford a house in gee cross doesn’t mean to have to slag us all off if you spent less time writing these pathetic comments and got off your back side and got a job, you never know, you might actually get some where. You tit! =P

  • abbey

    Are you stupid or something? We can speak english thankyou very much, I have lived and grew up in hyde all my life, I’m sorry but Hyde’s high schools and Primary schools have some of the best results in tameside.So how could you possible say that we are “chavs” and “asbo teenagers”. Ok so we have some trouble, everywhere you go there will be trouble, and yes maybe we do have some people who deal drugs(doesn’t everywhere)but that’s how some people choose to live, and don’t get me wrong your entited to your opinion, but please, your opinion… It’s not nessesary, you walk around hyde and even I don’t know the person they will let onto you, it’s a friendly community, without a doubt!! I couldn’t dream of growing up anywhere else, and this is coming from an “asbo teenager”

  • Grammar aside, the OP is correct: Hyde is a hole with racial tension.

    Tameside Council have killed the town with silly parking restrictions everywhere and a market ‘refurbishment’ that seems to have taken years. As a result, the shops are all failing and pound shops, takeaways and litter abound.

    Anyone who has made a few quid moves out – we went to Mottram which is like another world apart from the traffic.

    And what’s with with all the murders in Hyde? Starting with the Moors Murderers, through Dr Shipman and now that one-eyed maniac who shot those two policewomen.

    Hyde is great if you want a horse curry, speak Urdu, arrive by helicopter so you don’t need to park, and fancy the prospect of being bumped off. The Hattersleyites will also be pleased to sell you some knock-off from Tescos. Other than that, apart from outlying bits of Gee Cross, Mottram and Godley, the place is a council-estate ridden hang out for the underclass.

  • Scott

    I’m embarrassed to say i’m from Hyde. The people that live here are mostly scum, never worked a day and proud of it.
    The place is run down and looks like a sketch off Shameless.

    I moved far away from the North and I will never return.If people want to have a nice live then do the same!

  • Ruth

    I’m sorry, I found this too hard to read. You should try using punctuation.

  • yottie

    Funny this! The comments from the illiterate moron regarding this place are almost identical to those comments passed on a rather lovely place on the Wirral peninsular. Does he have a benefits-funded car to get around the country passing (the same) judgement on places he envies?

  • Phil

    You’re an ignorant prick mate, no other way to put it. How can you speak of people so horribly. Everywhere has its problems, except it, or do something about it, or move! Why don’t you get off your fat ass and try doing something productive to improve the place you live at rather than bitch about it. Get envolved with your community, help people out, rise above it and show some respect for the nice people that actually live around you.

  • Peter Knows

    Things seem to have gone a bit quieter in Hyde these days. Since the Gorton boys came up and sorted The Hyde pretenders out, they have not been coming out of the house much.

  • Lady

    Talking about ‘pakistani people that cant speak a word off english’, you can not even spell yourself! It is a word of English with a capital E, of not off and capital P for pakistani. Learn the language before your comment on somewhere you don’t even live.

  • Author

    Hyde is a nice place to live. Unfortunately, you do get the odd ‘trouble causer’ as you would in any town or city anywhere. I have lived in Hyde all my life and can say that my time here has been relatively good. Hyde does have a bad history with Shipman, Brady and Hindley, but we came together as a community and we overcame it. As for the ‘smack heads’ and ‘chavs’, well, they are just a part of society that is draining the economy of millions of pounds with their behaviour. There needs to be something in place to stop those ‘chavs’ from causing trouble; ie, more youth centres and something positive for them to do rather than sit on the market drinking and doing drugs.

  • Tim

    Hyde is a sh*thole but aren’t the majority of asians that live there Bangladeshi?

    And having a high Asian population doesn’t make a place chavvy

  • Dude

    culturally diverse area?
    I don’t mind the scruffy Pakistani people (they are not all scruffy), but the chavs are not a culture, they are a disease!

    I will not respect people who do not respect others, and chavs don’t respect others or even their own!