Well what can i say about hyde gee cross its population is filled with smack heads asbo teenagers smelly old drunks and pakistani people that cant speak a word off english .

To start with – The smack heads well you will normaly see a smack head in the town center of hyde asking you for 20p what then goes up to a pound or they will be running pushing there newest robbed mounting bike to the nearest phonebox to ring for there bag they will probley be wearing a cap trainers from the 90s and clothes they have stolen from outside the charity shop the night before it will normaly be around 9 or 11 am when you will see one after that you might see one around midnight to early morning when they are mooching round your garden robbing you blind if you see a smackhead with your stuff they have just stolen they will automaticly tell you they found it. nearly all of the smackheads round hyde will be hopping about because they have DVT from all the drug use.

The asbo teenagers – well the asbo teenagers are most often called Jodie Chelsea Charlotte Nicole Lauren Amy or sophie As for the boys they could be called enything from JJ Yoges or Diddy the asbo teenagers CHILL on the tracks the cemertry the market any were and every were they can basicly they are allways pissed up in there henleys jumpers with the pants tucked in there socks that is if they havent got there bedware on the girls look like umper lumpers and a few of them wear the hair like amy winehouse if not they will have there hair scraped back with a greasy fringe scraped to the side of there forheads and a scruffy bun on top off there head with bits ******* out all over the place these teenagers usualy go about bragging how theve slept with 20 or more people at the age of 15 or 16 and are usualy in a big groups screaming  abuse at the community or at eachover most off the time they have weeks old makeup on and just keep putting more layers on. also they will have a 3 liter bottle of whitestorm each followed by a spliff ******* out there mouths.

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As for the pakistanis and the drunks well the pakistanis just go around spitting all over the place and selling drugs to the teenagers and  smackheads hyde dosent look like a town in england it looks like a town in india they think most the areas are there TURFF and white people are not alound in there TURFF or they will gang **** you up and then the drunks sit with the teenagers on the market or were they find them and then will go in the shop for the teenagers 17 liters of cider and then the teenagers will end up fighting usualy with the drunk then they will all get arrested and will be back out in no more than 6 hours to start it all again.

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